Friday, 6 April 2018

Weaving Poem

Weaving Poem
I start to measure
I weave through the Base.
It’s my anchor
It’s my family.
My mind starts to tangle.
It was hard not to make a mistake.
It was building up.
Like me.
When I put the beads in it made it harder.
I need to wet the cane
It will untangle.
My work will be undone.
I need to pull hard to make it tight.
Pull it together.
Fate and destiny intwines
I make it to the top.
The challenging process is over.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Hermit crab Poem

Hermey The Hermit Crab

 When I look out my shell, I can see the sea,
The shimmering diamond blue water is calm as can be.
                                      So I head off to scavenge,
Sometimes it's a challenge.
I find some meat,
But, it smells like feet,
I stare into, the oceans  blue,
I slowly  turn and suddenly see
Mr crabs
 So I squiggle away as fast as I can,
Then I ran into a frying pan,
 Psych !!
I just had no rhyme.

By Bryce De Klerk, Clem Swinburn, and Zac Pattison
Tuesday, 6 March 2018

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Monday, 12 March 2018

Safe Cycling Investigation

Safe Cycling Skills - A statistical investigation

Question: Are Karoro School senior students safe cyclists on the roads?

Recently Room One students participated in a safe cycling skills programme
facilitated by the New Zealand Police.

Students learned about the correct way to wear their bicycle helmet. Helmets
strap need to be tightened under your chin and under your ears.

First we started in the class doing the n check on the bike to make sure the
handle bars,spokes,chain and reflectors were there and nothing wrong with the
bike and it is all good to go.

Also the road rules about the hand signals
And the places to give way and stop  and we also did the helmet

The second session involved a skills based session on the court.
Students had to ride on the court and use all off the road rules and the hand
signals and ride over these seesaws and we had a balancing contest.   

Following the court session students participated in a road circuit skills session. There
were people placed around the circuit and marks were given for using the following skills:

My marks were:

Approx 1
metre from
for hazards
parked cars
Look behind
before hand
Look behind
after hand
% Average
Across Skills

One of the collated graphs showed these results.  I think that this shows I was alright and improved.

My recommendation is that I need to improve on looking behind after signaling.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018