Wednesday, 26 September 2018


    Ways in which I have participated in and contributed to my learning this Term: by finishing all my unfinished work
Ways in which I have participated in and contributed to my environment this Term:by putting out the rubbish and recycling bin
Ways in which I have participated in and contributed to my family this Term:by emptying the dish draw
Ways in which I have participated  in and contributed to the local community this Term: By playing sports
Ways in which I have participated in and contributed to the global world this Term:by commenting on other peoples blogs

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Wednesday, 12 September 2018


2018 term 3 St Johns on Monday a St. Johns lady came to our school teach Room 1 how to save lives and other important stuff.  We learned how to bring someone back from the dead but we only had two minutes to do it.

We learned it in case we find somebody that needs that treatment or in an emergency when there isn't anyone around you.We found it valuable and useful for when or if we find somebody on the ground.

Before you do anything check if they are awake by yelling out their name or say, “Hey! Hey, wake up!” and if not tap them hard on the collar bone. If they still don’t get up, then you perform CPR. If you have performed CPR for 1-2 hours and if you can't go any more then you can stop. I thought that this was worthwhile because it could be useful in life.





This author has been very smart and intelligent with his writing. This author is trying to persuade  the reader. The author has got an equally bios way for good and against Refugees if you read it forwards. If you
read it backwards it's welcome the refugees.
one In way is agreeing and the other is disagreeing with the refugees.
In our minds we think refugees should get a second chance for life. These people are in need, help then when it's possible. 

Image result for refugeesBy Cullam Zac and Bryce

Friday, 10 August 2018

designing a logo

we are learning to demonstrate our understanding or design principle. 
This morning at technology we learnt how to design our own Google logo. We went on Google and went onto Scratch and built the logo. I made different shapes and characters and added sound to my logo.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018



Retrieval Questions:

What is the abbreviation for the International Space Station? ISS

The International Space Station orbits the Earth how many times in a day? 16
How high above the Earth is the International Space Station’s orbit?
320 to 400 km above us

Many countries have worked together to build the International Space Station.
16 How number of countries does the article state? 16

Why is the International Space Station one of the brightest objects in the night sky?
because the sun reflects of the solar panels

What direction does the International Space Station move in?west east

What is the main purpose behind the Columbus lab on the International Space Station?
for experiments

How did ‘Columbus’ get to the International Space Station? By the Atlantis shuttle.