Friday, 10 August 2018

designing a logo

we are learning to demonstrate our understanding or design principle. 
This morning at technology we learnt how to design our own Google logo. We went on Google and went onto Scratch and built the logo. I made different shapes and characters and added sound to my logo.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018



Retrieval Questions:

What is the abbreviation for the International Space Station? ISS

The International Space Station orbits the Earth how many times in a day? 16
How high above the Earth is the International Space Station’s orbit?
320 to 400 km above us

Many countries have worked together to build the International Space Station.
16 How number of countries does the article state? 16

Why is the International Space Station one of the brightest objects in the night sky?
because the sun reflects of the solar panels

What direction does the International Space Station move in?west east

What is the main purpose behind the Columbus lab on the International Space Station?
for experiments

How did ‘Columbus’ get to the International Space Station? By the Atlantis shuttle.


As I swing the purerehua
it vibrates into a deep Noise.

Sanded and smooth driftwood.
a small hole drilled for kaui.
Māori design of painting.

I swing it above my head.
The buzzing noise of the wood
attracts the lizards.

As I swing the purerehua
blisters appear in my hands.

Mind Mapping,DLO


Monday, 25 June 2018

Book review

Every Day’s A Good Day by William Pike


The story takes place at Mt Ruapehu in the North Island.
The main characters in the story are William Pike and James Christe.
When they walk up Mt Ruapehu and stay the night in the hutt on 25 september
2007 there was a big avalanche with rocks tumbling down toward the hut.
when the rocks came through the door and tumbled over William.
James went to get help when William was stuck and almost drowned
because water also came in.

My connection to the story was I remember going on a overnight tramp staying
in a hut on the Croesus Track.
I started at Blackball and finished with a rooty, hard end in Blackball.
It was steep going up toward the hut and after the hut you go along a big ridge and up a cliff.
We went down the rooty hard bit after the cliff and on toward the end.

William Pike grew up in Auckland and went to Westlake High school and
three time champion at water polo and developed zeal for outdoor activities.
William got into snorkeling when he was at primary he snorkeled when he
went to the beach  and that lead him into swimming sports. WIlliam trained
lots and lots for swimming and started swimming club. After William got sick
of it he had a go at water polo and became the three time champ at water polo.

The illustrator (photographer) is Doug Sherring. It showed photos of the
water polo team and a photo of William’s leg in the hospital.       

I think people my age (11) should read this book because later in life you
will learn how much fun you can have and you can have a lot of experiences.