Thursday, 6 July 2017

persuasive writing-why we should fix our field

We have been having a go at writing a piece of persuasive writing. Here is my piece of writing about why we should fix our field.

A Short Statement about the topic.
eg. ‘Rugby League Is A Great Sport’

                          Fix our field

Overview/ Statement of position
A brief statement of your view about the topic.  What you believe or want to argue.
I strongly believe we should fix our fielded because the old one was very muddy and we can't do trainings and things like the gala and cross country also it is getting way to crowded and we can’t do as much as we used to.

Series of Arguments
Your points supporting your view about the topic.  Your arguments to support your statement and information to support these arguments.

-supporting detail, reasons, examples

Firstly, I think that our field should be ita  because the field takes up half of the school.

Secondly, all of the wheterau are going are going over the fence and that wastes so much time up.

Thirdly, the old field was all muddy and greasy and we couldn't use it and also the school and we can't                             play lots of things like tackle and bull rush


Finally, we can't raise money because there is no school gala so the pta can't pay for buses and shows and the end of year consist,  

Concluding statement
Summing it up.  A summary of your arguments and your view on the topic.

I think in conclusion if we need to fix our field because we don’t have enough room to play and it is getting too crowded  also because we need it for sports like cross country training and things like the gala. it is very important that we get the papa takaro fixed now!!!

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