Thursday, 6 July 2017

science term 2 2017

This term we have been doing science. We have been learning about the water cycle and states of mater. here is some of my learning.

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  1. Kia ora Zac

    I am really pleased to see your science work up on your blog. You have shown me that you understand the basics of the water cycle and some of the issues we are facing around water.
    Just to clarify: when the sun heats up water the water turns into a gas and rises into the sky but it doesn't go up to the sun.

    I really liked listening to your video with Clem and Cullam where you read out, 'An Interview with A Glass of Water.' You spoke clearly and presented well to the camera. Great reading! Next time it might be better to not have people doing distracting things in the background though ; )

    It was good to see that you could also explain the states of matter. Understanding science helps us to understand the world around us!
    Thanks for sharing your work. Ka pai tō mahi pūtaiao!


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