Wednesday, 27 September 2017

My Quick Write

Quick Write Number One - The Beekeeper

For the next two weeks we are going to work on ‘Quick Writes.’  This is where you are given something to write about (a writing prompt) and you only have 10mins to write as much as possible using this writing prompt.

For our writing prompts we will use either images or short videos.

The purpose of this is to practise writing fluently.

When we look at our writing prompt we will have about 10-15 mins to discuss it and brainstorm some ideas and vocabulary.   

Our learning goals are to:
-write a description, using powerful words and phrases
-include some Te Reo Māori
-carefully check that our sentences make sense and have correct punctuation and spelling.

When we are writing we need to think about…

  1. What do I want my reader to see?
2) What do I want my reader to hear?
3) What do I want my reader to smell?
-look closely at the picture or video
-think about the three key questions and the learning goals
-give yourself time to plan and write

Do your writing here

The beekeeper walked slowly to the bee hive. When he opened it the bees were humming like a taser on a hot raumati (summer) day. The smell of the honey was sweet and strong. The breeze was blowing the trees like a hurricane.  The honi (honey) was sticky and sweet.

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