Tuesday, 14 November 2017

We have been working on Quick writes. this is something to Write about and you only have 10 minutes to write as much as possible using this writing prompt. For our writing prompts we will use either images of short videos.   


The bang of the fireworks was like a big terrorist attack. The smell was like ashes from an old house that had been burnt down. The bright orange color was like a smoke bomb. The heavy clouds were grey like it was about to rain. The noise of the crowd was vibrating like an earthquake.

When I get covered in Tomato it feels like there is blood on me. when I squish it The tomato is everywhere and all over the place. Tomato Festival in the Mediterranean village of Bunol, Near Valencia. It is a fun event when people are chucking them and throwing them everywhere and pulping them it looks like everyone is bleeding. This is in Spain.

The web that come out of my arm stretched out before me and jumping building to building. The suit that I wear is too tight. I am flying with the web jumping all over the place in New York city and smoke every where. The smell of the petrol was very strong. My suit is red blue and white. The paths are packed with people and lots of chatter. I can smell the kai.

Image result for stormy day

Image result for stormy day

The koko howled like a ghost and blowed at the house hard. The thunder made a big bang while the wind was whistling. It was wild. There was a flash with no noise. The wind grabbed me as the cold went through my cloths. The spray of the wind hit  the water and came up to the wharf. The creeks currents blowed hard. The lighting made big flashes and the wind sounded like a big white ghost. The turepo were blowing like they were going to come off.


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  1. Hi Zac, I have enjoyed reading your quick writes, next time double check your spelling and that your sentences make sense.I think the fireworks would of been amazing.


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