Friday, 6 April 2018

Weaving Poem

Weaving Poem
I start to measure
I weave through the Base.
It’s my anchor
It’s my family.
My mind starts to tangle.
It was hard not to make a mistake.
It was building up.
Like me.
When I put the beads in it made it harder.
I need to wet the cane
It will untangle.
My work will be undone.
I need to pull hard to make it tight.
Pull it together.
Fate and destiny intwines
I make it to the top.
The challenging process is over.

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  1. Talofa lava and Malolelei,
    My name is Viva I go to Panmure Bridge School down in Auckland. The thing I really found fascinating about your piece of poetry is how you used quote sounding words. This piece of work is probably the best I've seen! Keep Up the great work of yours...


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